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​2019-2020 ​​Daily Schedule by Classroom/Teacher

Dance Etc. School of the Arts prides ourselves on providing many levels and genres of dance so that every student can flourish as an individual. Previous year students receive their recommendations via email. Recommendations are not set in stone and evaluations are ongoing throughout our first few months to ensure all students are placed to grow and excel. While we make every effort to not have class conflicts, they are sometimes inevitable.  If you have a conflict, please speak with us and we will work it out! If you are interested in trying a new style of dance that you have not been recommended for, let us know and we can direct you!

About our classes:
We have done some restructuring of our levels this year. Names of classes are only labels, they do not dictate specifics on learning; if the student has achieved the syllabus within the class they will always be given new challenges. If your student has been recommended for the same level as last year, the names are just names not an indication of your child’s accomplishments.
Ballet Levels :
• Creative Movement – Ballet 6: 1 class per week
• Ballet 2A, 3A, 4A, Pre-Progressive, and Petite Progressive: 2 class per week requirement. If 2 classes are not possible for your schedule, please enroll in the accompanying class: ie: Ballet 2A would enroll in 2, Petite Progressive in Ballet 6.
• Jr. and Senior Progressive: 3 class per week requirement. Ballet 5 and 6 are new options for students
• Ballet 2 and up all have Master Classes available in addition to their performance classes. The master class is pure learning and technique throughout the year.
• Support Classes are available for Ballet 2 and up and required for students in our Progressive Program. We have many support classes throughout our schedule that are an extra boost to the student’s training. Classes can be added onto your schedule or attended with a punch card. We have many adults/parents that drop in on these classes while waiting as well!

Lyrical & Contemporary:
Lyrical and Contemporary classes are by invitation only. This program requires a strong ballet background with a minimum of 2 years of ballet and achieving Ballet 2 and above. Lyrical 1 and 2 students must maintain 1 ballet class a week, Lyrical 3 and Contemporary 1-4 students must maintain 2 ballet classes a week. We have added Tricks and Improv classes to our year round schedule. These classes are extras; they do not meet class minimum or support class requirements. Your student may have received a recommendation to join Lyrical this year – we would love to have you – but it is in no way a requirement!
Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop:
Today, the world as whole and specifically in dance requires well rounded individuals. Our Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop programs continue to grow and excite! We have Pre-Tap and Pre-Hip Hop/Jazz classes for ages 4-6  and all levels for ages 6 and up.

 ABSENCES: If the student must be absent, please call the studio at (703) 878-1000 and leave word for the teacher. IF there is a twin class       available,students are encouraged to make up their missed classes by filling out a Make-up card located at the front desk. Ages 10 and over may   make up a missed class in one of the support classes. The class must be made up within 30 days. Whether you make up the class or not, the   monthly fee remains the same. There will not be any refunds or credits for missed classes.  **If the student is enrolled in our Progressive Ballet   Program, all absences must be made up.**

 HOLIDAY AND EMERGENCY CLOSINGS: Classes are held on most minor holidays. See our Important Dates HERE In the event of inclement   weather, you will receive an email and text message (if signed up for that service) Visit us on Facebook or Instagram for postings as well! We do not   necessarily close when Prince William County Schools close. Holiday closings are already taken into consideration regarding tuition charges and will   not be made up or credited.

 ON TIME & READY: Please make every effort to make sure you or your child are on time for class and ready to participate. Any dancer who arrives   15 minutes late for class will not be allowed to dance. This is for the safety of the dancer. Without proper warm-up dancers are susceptible to injury.   However, they should remain to observe the class. Please also make sure your child is picked up promptly after class.

 VISITING CLASSES: Parents may observe classes on the first week of the month, October through February. 

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