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En Memorandum - Peter Michael DuFore

Art Director at Dance Etc. School of the Arts from 1985-2010.

Peter DuFore's amazing talent, generosity, and contagious passion for the arts lives on in our 4 walls today. His daughter, Danielle DuFore, had a successful dance career and continues to spread her father's passions with the students at Dance Etc. In addition, you will find Peter DuFore's artwork on our walls and in our sets that have endured the test of time. 

Visual Art Classes in Woodbridge, VA

Come try a free art class this summer! Dance Etc. School of the Arts isn’t just dance! We believe in a comprehensive introduction to the arts with providing all styles of dance plus music, drama, musical theater, and visual arts. Our newest teacher is so excited to join our team that she is offering free lessons this summer to check us out!