Creative Movement (Age 3 - 4) - 1 class/week

Pre-Ballet (Age 4 - 6) - 1 class/week

Beginning Ballet (Age 6-8) - 1 class/week

Beginning Ballet (Age (9-12) - 1 class/week

Ballet 1 (Age 6-8) - 1 class/week

Ballet 1 (Age 9-12) - 1 class/week

Ballet 2 - 2 classes/week

​Ballet 2A - 2 classes/week

Ballet 3 - 2 classes/week

Ballet 3A - 2 classes/week

Ballet 4 - 2 classes/week

Ballet 5/6 - 2 classes/week

Teen/Adult  Ballet - 1 class/week

Open Level Ballet (non-performance class) - 1 class/week           

By Invitation Only - All Students Eventually are on Pointe

Pre-Progressive - 2 classes/week + support or jazz class

Petite Progressive - 2 classes/week + support or jazz class

Jr. Progressive - 3 classes/week + support or jazz class

Sr. Progressive - 3 classes/week + support or jazz class

Classical Ballet in Woodbridge, VA

Have you ever watched a professional dancer perform, and wondered how they look so flawless and make it look so easy? The Answer: BALLET

Ballet technique is the basis for all other dance forms. Becoming a better jazz, contemporary or even hip hop dance requires ballet study! Dance Etc. School of the Arts provides a strong foundation in ballet so that our students can also excel in all other dance forms. We take pride in maintaining a wide array of levels to ensure each dancer is working to his or her potential.

Images of classical ballet classes at Dance Etc. School of the Arts in Woodbridge, VA

Mrs. Boyle trained primarily in the Vaganova (Russian) Method and all our teachers maintain her structure and method of teaching. Our instructors have a broad background in many methods and ensure all students learn the terminology and positions of Vaganova, Cecchetti, and RAD for a complete dance education. Each level has a carefully crafted syllabus in which the students all learn specific skills and terminology in order to progress to the next level. 

At the end of each year, students are evaluated individually and class placement recommendations are given by their teacher. Progression to the next level is not based on age and is not always a guarantee. Effective class placement is a priority for Dance Etc. School of the Arts as we believe each individual student will succeed by being in the level that challenges them but also maintains their technique. A higher level does not always indicate future abilities; dancing above a dancer's skill set can actually harm and regress his or her training. 

The highest level of our ballet program is The Progressives. This program is by invitation only and is only for serious students. All Progressive Students are required to take each performance and master class for their level and make up classes that are missed. A minimum of one support class must be taken a week.

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