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Dance Etc’s Faculty and Staff are committed to making our studio a safe and positive environment for everyone. We have worked hard to create and implement plans that follow CDC and State guidelines and allow for our students to dance in the studio safely. 

Upon registration for any of our classes, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Waiver. This waiver must be filled out and submitted in order for your student to participate in classes with us. If you register and do not receive a confirmation email within two business day's time, please email

Our COVID-19 protocols will remain the same through our Summer 2021 session with the following modifications:​

  • If you sign up to take your session virtually only, you will not be able to switch to in-person during the session but must stay virtual for your entire session. 
  • If you travel at all during the summer, please quarantine for at least 10 days before returning to in-person classes. This applies to all students, including those who have been vaccinated or have antibodies. 
  • If you anticipate that you will be traveling a great deal during the summer, please sign up for virtual only lessons.
  • If you sign up for Session 1 and would like to sign up for Session 2 afterwards, you are welcome to do so. Please email to see if there is space available for your student in Session 2. 
  • We will be using Edmodo in the fall but will NOT be using it during the summer. If a student misses a class, there will not be a make-up option for them nor will there be any refund on tuition. If a teacher needs to cancel a class for any reason, a make-up class will be scheduled. If you sign up for Session 1 and miss classes, they CANNOT be transferred to Session 2. You can only take in Session 2 if you register and pay for the session in its entirety. 
  • ​If a class exceeds it's in-person maximum, we will NOT rotate to an A & B schedule but new registrations will be required to take online only.
  • ​Parents of Pre- Ballet & Pre Hip Hop - at drop-off, parents are required to bring their student in; assist them in going to the restroom; and help them clean their square. The first 15 minutes of class is specifically reserved for this process. You are only billed for 45 minutes per week of class time, not a full hour.

For our 2020-2021 season we are offering in-person and online classes following the protocols below.

Based on social distance requirements and providing sufficient dance space to each student, in-person class sizes will not exceed:

9 students in Studio A; 8 students in Studio B; 11 students in Studio C; 5 students in Studio D

If any classes exceed these numbers they will go to a rotating A & B schedule with one week online and one week in-person. You will be notified by our registrar if this is the case for any of your student's classes. 

This year we are having the studio go through medical grade disinfectant treatments on a regular basis, as well as weekly deep cleaning. We have removed all paper transactions and are doing everything electronically. Our studios will be marked off into socially distanced spaces with each student assigned to a spot during their class period. Parents are not allowed in the building and the front office will be closed during class time to eliminate having extra people in the lobby. 

We will have hand-sanitizer throughout the studio but request that all students bring their own individual hand sanitizers as well. Students over the age of 12 with multiple classes will be allowed to stay in 6-foot marked off spaces in Studio E or the lobby during their breaks. At the beginning and end of every class, students will be required to clean off their section of floor with provided cleaning materials. We would appreciate any and all donations towards the sanitization of the studio throughout the 2020-2021 season.

  • Drop off and pick up students outside. Students with a class in Studio C will enter through the side door at the back of the building. Students with a class in Studio A will enter through the Studio A doors that lead outside. Students with classes in Studio B or D will enter through the lobby. 
  • All students must use hand sanitizer before entering the studio
  • Temperature checks will be required for entrance into the building. Any student running a temperature of 100 or above will not be allowed inside the building and will be required to return home.
  • Face masks are required at all times from the time students line up to enter the building until they exit at the end of the evening. They will be allowed to step outside and remove it if they need a moment to breathe. Students will be given regular breaks during class to catch their breath and stay hydrated. If a student needs to step out outside of a class break, the class will not be paused for the student. They will simply miss those few moments of instruction and be expected to catch up when they reenter. We recommend that our students start wearing their mask around the house in order to adjust to it. This will help them be more comfortable dancing in it when classes begin. 
  • There will be no entering and exiting the studio in between classes. Students may step outside only to retrieve something from a parent or to remove their mask for a moment. 
  • Students are required to participate in helping keep their space clean.
  • Each student will have their own space to practice in during class.
  • Students should only bring essentials with them - If they have only one class then they should come dressed for class with only their dance shoes, a water bottle, hand sanitizer, and keys (if applicable). If they have multiple classes please avoid bringing extra items with them. They should only have changes of shoes, a snack, a water bottle, hand sanitizer, and/or keys in a small bag. Do not bring changes of clothes but wear clothes that follow our class dress code (viewable here) and are appropriate for all of your classes.
  • Students are required to bring their own water bottles as the water fountain will not be open. If your child will be in studio for more than 3 hours in an evening they are allowed to bring snacks as they will not be allowed to exit the studio between classes to purchase food. If a parent wants to deliver food to their child in between classes, they must communicate directly with the student as the office will be closed. The child will be required to meet the parent in the parking lot to retrieve their food. If your child has less than 3 hours of classes in an evening we request that they not have any food in studio. 
  • Any student with time in between classes will be required to stay in Studio E or the lobby. They will be required to clean the space as they enter it and as they exit. Failure to do so will result in the student no longer being allowed to use those spaces. If your child has time in-between their classes, please email us to register them for the space and time.
  • Our restrooms will be open to students only, but we request that they be used as little as possible due to the higher distribution of germs. Students will be required to wipe down the restroom surfaces, wash their hands thoroughly, and use hand sanitizer when they return to their spots for every time they use the restroom. Please make sure that you and/or your student use the restroom at home before coming to the studio.
  • If you or anyone in your home feels sick or is showing any symptoms related to COVID-19, stay home. Students will not be allowed to come in and watch classes if they are injured or not feeling well, but can participate via Zoom at home. 
  • If you travel to an area that is experiencing a high rate of infection, or you come into contact with an infected person, please participate via Zoom only until you have passed a two-week quarantine period. 
  • Avoid all physical contact in the form of hugs, high fives, etc.
  • If your child is in one of our PBT classes (ball class), please see these additional instructions for the safe handling and sanitization of equipment in and out of class.

**Please ensure that your child has your contact information labeled with them when they come to class. The front office will be closed during class hours and contact information will be inaccessible in case of emergency.**

Please know which studio entrance to use for each of your classes. Students must enter and exit through the same doors, even if they have multiple classes in one night. Students are not allowed to walk through the hallway unless going to the Piano room, Studio D, or Studio E. 

By registering yourself or your child for classes with us you are agreeing to abide by our policies at all times. If at any point the student does not follow our protocols we reserve the right to request only online participation and/or remove the student from the class. 

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