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Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet: Pink leotard with attached skirt, pink tights, pink ballet slippers Beginning - Senior Ballet: Any style black leotard, hip alignment belt (colors for Progressive Program, White for all others), pink tights, pink ballet slippers Boys: White fitted t-shirt, black tights, black ballet slippers, optional white socks Jazz & Tap: Any color leotard or form fitting top, black bottoms, and black tap or jazz shoes Hip-Hop Non-restrictive clothing, converse style sneakers intended for the dance studio only Lyrical/Contemporary: Any color leotard, convertible tights, optional black bottoms, paws/lyrical shoes

Why Does Dress Code Matter?

 • Properly fitting dance clothing ensures the student is focused on dance, not their clothing.

 • Hair that isn't in a bun (for ballet) or ponytail (all other classes) is a distraction that pulls away from training.

• Making sure that each student has hair off her face allows complete focus on learning instead of playing and pulling at hair.

 • Dancers that look like dancers start to feel like dancers. 

 • Dress code makes it easier for the teacher and the students to spot mistakes and correct them.​

 • Dancers understand they are going to a structured class (compared to an unstructured playtime).​

Hygiene and Cleanliness

It is important to remember that dance is a physical art-form executed in a group setting. In a dance studio where activities induce sweat and children are moving through the space, extreme body odors can become a terrible distraction and an embarrassment for the child if a classmate is insensitive and says something out loud.

This check list is a friendly reminder so that all individuals experience a pleasant environment:

  1. Be sure all dancewear is laundered after each wearing - please so not wear already worn, dirty, soiled, or musty clothing to class or store it in your dance bag.
  2. Please be sure to thoroughly clean all body parts, including feet, ears, toes, collar, and any areas confined in tight clothing.
  3. Hair should be clean and pulled up properly, meaning off the shoulders and neck, away from the face and securely tied in a bun that is not going to fall down or out in the normal course of dance activity.
  4. Please, no excessive perfume or body spray prior to class as this may aggravate allergies of other students.
  5. Please wipe the toilet seat when appropriate.
  6. No food is allowed in bathrooms. It is a health hazard to consume food in the same location as bodily waste.
  7. Do not store any food or beverage (except water) in your dance bag as this will cause a stench and invite vermin to inhabit your bag and the studio.

Dance Etc. School of the Arts has a published dress code and conduct policy to ensure a school that produces the highest quality artists.