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We understand that students may not be able to attend all 6 weeks of classes due to family summer vacations - therefore we have broken the tuition down into the number of weeks attending. At registration, please let us know if you won't be able to attend all weeks and we will modify the tuition. If you will be attending the entire summer, tuition is under the "week 6" header.

Students progress at amazing speeds during the summer! Don't miss a great opportunity to move ahead and get the most out of training!

  • Current students should register for the same level class as the 2016-2017 season.

• New students should schedule an in person evaluation for placement.

• During registration, please specify what weeks the student will be in class. We prefer students to be in a minimum of 4 weeks during the session.

• All Progressive and Progressive Evaluation students should be in at least one support class.

• Support classes (minus Classical Variations) are highly recommended to all students in Ballet 3 and above.

• Payment for Summer Session is due at registration.

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