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​Tap Dance in Woodbridge, VA

Tap Dancing is a unique art form that was created from the social fabric of both African and European traditions. Born in America, this percussive and rhythmic dance evolved alongside the American jazz music scene. Most notably, a tap dancer creates both movement and music - a partnering of sight and sound that creates a double aesthetic.  Tap dancing has been adopted by popular American culture and showcased in dance halls, movies, musicals, and vaudeville. Today, tap is one of the first styles that young dancers learn.

Dance Etc. School of the Arts provides instruction in all the basic styles of tap dance such as Broadway, and Rhythm Tap.

 Our Tap Director, Danielle DuFore, focuses on training the whole dancer and is passionate about increasing the knowledge and love of this vital and evolving art form!

Classes offered:

Pre-Tap (Ages 4-5)

Jr. Beginning Tap (Ages 6-8)

Jr.Beginning Tap (Ages 9-12)

Jr. Tap 1

Jr. Tap 2

Jr. Tap 3

Jr. Tap 4

Teen/Adult Tap 1

Teen/Adult Tap 2

Intermediate 1 & 2


Images of tap dance classes at Dance Etc. School of the Arts in Woodbridge, VA